About us
Consularcare offers market-leading solutions for anyone travelling abroad

Founded in 2013, Consularcare is the first and only company to provide dedicated consular assistance across the world. Staffed by a team of experienced former Diplomats, Consularcare provides world-class consular support services for overseas travellers; bridging the gap between FCO provision and consumer need. From a short-term crisis to a complex catastrophe, Consularcare’s team of global specialists are on hand 24 hours a day in 198 countries for immediate support, expert advice and dedicated resolution services.

Consularcare offers market-leading solutions for anyone travelling abroad. From individual travellers benefitting from our ConsularAssist services as part of their travel insurance policy, to large organisations seeking to mitigate risk and exercise duty of care

through our corporate provision of ConsularAssist, Consularcare can assist with preparation for any eventuality and provide support in the event of an incident abroad. Its solutions have been developed to educate, assist and advise, and as the company’s staff are former diplomats, customers can be confident that their expertise is second to none.

Already affiliated with a number of leading Travel Insurance providers, whereby Consularcare provides a range of its ConsularAssist services, from telephone advice to personal assistance, to their policyholders, ConsularAssist is the most innovative change to the cover available for many years and is expected to become a ubiquitous component of travel insurance.

What is Consular Assistance?

Traditionally, consular assistance is the help and advice provided by a country’s diplomatic agents to their nationals, who are residing or visiting overseas. Assistance includes issue of replacement emergency travel documents, signposting to local lawyers, interpreters, doctors and funeral directors, help for victims of crime, the sick and hospitalised, contacting next of kin in a crisis, and making special arrangements in cases of terrorism, civil unrest or natural disasters.

Consular assistance is discretionary, no one has a legal right to it, and the FCO does the best it can with the limited resources available, but every case is assessed individually and only the most vulnerable are likely to receive anything other than advice and signposting to other agencies.

Why ConsularAssist?

Wherever you are travelling to and for whatever purpose, today’s world is too uncertain not to understand and moderate the risks associated with travel. Even the smallest problem such as a lost passport, can become time-consuming, frustrating and costly. In the event of a more serious or emergency situation, the effects can be long-term and far-reaching. Travel insurance does not traditionally cover consular assistance (although we are delighted to have an ever-growing number of partnerships with insurance providers), and millions of people travel without ever considering how they would be protected in a personal emergency.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility very seriously and will continuously aim to improve the way we work to reflect that. We shall endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint, year on year, and will consider the impact of our actions on the environment, always seeking the ‘greener’ alternative. We contribute positively to our local community and beyond, and as we grow as a company we will ensure that we support our team members in any community involvement.

Management Team
Founded by former diplomat, John Morgan, and corporate marketing and branding expert, Mike Jones, in 2013, Consularcare has sought to expand its team to include experts in their individual fields, all of whom share a common desire to see the company succeed. Each team member brings their own skill set to the mix and between us; we have a perfect balance between business acumen, creativity, marketing and sales, consular expertise, logistics, and financial management.

Mike Jones

Mike’s background in Marketing and Brand Management, coupled with his management and entrepreneurial experience led him to co-found Consularcare with John Morgan. Seeing a product need for people travelling abroad to have easy access to the skills and expertise of former diplomats, Mike focuses on developing the brand and product propositions, identifying new market opportunities, determining optimal pricing to balance profit with customer/client satisfaction, and directing marketing operations.

John MacPherson

John’s background in finance, logistics and management as well as his experience as a business advisor and company director, made him the ideal candidate for the position of Finance Director at Consularcare. John had been assisting, on an ad hoc basis, in the company’s development since the beginning and he shares the founders’ passion for its success.

Boyd McCleary

Former Governor of the British Virgin Islands Boyd McCleary CMG, CVO is an Adviser to Consularcare. With his 40 years as a senior diplomat, including a stint as High Commissioner to Malaysia and key roles in the FCO and UKTI, Boyd brings an unprecedented level of international experience to the Consularcare organisation. He was involved in facilitating global business partnerships, shaping policy, managing major projects and supervising visa and consular work in a wide range of countries, including Germany, Korea and Turkey. Boyd is now an international business consultant and mediator.

Martin McCourt

Former chief executive of Dyson, Martin McCourt, currently holds a number of directorships and chair positions. More than 35 years’ experience in manufacturing, design marketing, and management give Martin more than an edge when it comes to mentoring a business to succeed, especially as it takes its first steps out of the start-up paddock. Martin recognised that we are an ambitious company with enormous growth potential and his advice has been, and continues to be, invaluable to us.

Kate Everett

Kate is the founder and Managing Partner at The Write Impression LLP and has joined the Consularcare team to raise the profile of the company, and to ensure that its corporate message reaches a targeted and appropriate audience. With a passion for engaging and influencing, Kate has been working in publishing and public relations for more than thirty years, and in recent years adding expertise in corporate and digital communications across a range of sectors.