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The value of ConsularAssist to corporations is multi-faceted, as more businesses move into the global marketplace, and the need for business travel abroad increases. For employers, incidents abroad affecting staff travelling for business purposes can have an impact on the company reputation, relationships with clients and ultimately profits. At the same time, they have a duty of care to staff, even when they are halfway across the world.

International business travel to areas of political, social and economic instability is fraught with dangers and you would be forgiven for assuming the safety of your staff is out of your control. Ultimately, of course, it is; but your duty of care extends to ensuring your employees are adequately prepared for travel and supported during and after their trips.

Wherever you are travelling to for business purposes, today’s world is too uncertain not to entertain the risks associated with travel. Even a small problem can become time-consuming and costly, spoiling a trip, and in the event of an emergency situation, the effects can be long-term and far-reaching. Travel insurance does not traditionally cover consular assistance (although we are delighted to have an ever-growing number of partnerships with insurance providers), and the increasingly stretched resources of governments result in only the most vulnerable receiving help.

ConsularAssist provides:

Assistance abroad
Immediate help in over 180 countries, whatever the problem. One call does it all.
Emergency help
Expert assistance in emergencies from knowledgeable consular-trained staff.
Consular expertise
Assistance with lost or stolen passports and advice about the quickest route to replacing vital documents.
How does ConsularAssist help?

  • Liaise on your behalf with diplomatic personnel and local authorities
  • Assist with lost passports and other important documents
  • Contact, advise and support family, friends and/or employers so they have the right information and options in any travel crisis
  • Provide legal referral and arrange legal appointments
  • Organise translation and interpreter referrals
  • Deliver specialist help and advice in missing person, kidnapping and abduction cases
  • Advise on rights and access to independent lawyers if detained or imprisoned abroad
  • Help and support victims of crime and assault and assist next of kin in the event of death.

Why does my corporation need ConsularAssist?
The world is becoming increasingly interconnected

Although the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974’s jurisdiction is limited to UK territory and territorial waters, offshore installations and UK registered ships and aircraft, employment legislation and common law provide protection for employees travelling abroad for business. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and the global marketplace becomes more accessible, the corporate duty of care companies must demonstrate for staff becomes more complicated.

From the perspective of the corporate sector, in September 2016, the British Standards Institution (BSI) published PAS 3001:2016. Commissioned by the medical and travel security services company, International SOS, the code of practice provides global organisations with a standardisation document that describes best practices to manage risks and provide duty of care to their employees who are working abroad. Covering health, safety and security, employers will be able to safeguard their staff working and living in foreign locations.

The risks faced by business travellers and those living and working abroad vary considerably. From minor incidents including medical issues and being a victim of petty crime to the threats of natural disasters, terrorism and pandemics.

Until now, there has been limited support and guidance for organisations to put procedures in place that will not only safeguard staff, but also provide better business continuity management.

An employer can only do so much to protect their staff, and even if the employee follows all the advice they are given, if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, they could still find themselves in need of assistance. When your staff are thousands of miles away, who are you going to go to for help? Your first thought may be the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the local consulate; but when consular assistance is purely discretionary, you need to have a better strategy.  A small company is unlikely to have the dedicated incident management team that a large corporation will, but they should still have contingency plans in place, and adequate cover to provide the relevant assistance to their employee. That may be medical, security or consular assistance (or, better still, a combination of all three). Travel insurance is a must, but check what it covers, as duty of care goes way beyond financial losses, and many policies don’t.

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Case Studies
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