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ConsularAssist adds value to partner and affiliation offerings, including assistance companies. We can work with strategic partners, such as concierge companies, to bring ConsularAssist to the corporate sector by way of joint ventures. From individual arrangements to meet specific client needs, or as an add-on to a particular solution, providing access to consular assistance in today’s increasingly volatile world bridges the gap between the public and private sector provisions.

Wherever you are travelling to and for whatever purpose, today’s world is too uncertain not to entertain the risks associated with travel. Even a small problem can become time-consuming and costly, spoiling a trip, and in the event of an emergency situation, the effects can be long-term and far-reaching. Travel insurance does not traditionally cover consular assistance (although we are delighted to have an ever-growing number of partnerships with insurance providers), and the increasingly stretched resources of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) result in only the most vulnerable receiving help from the Government.

ConsularAssist provides:

Assistance abroad
Immediate help in over 180 countries, whatever the problem. One call does it all.
Emergency help
Expert assistance in emergencies from knowledgeable consular-trained staff.
Consular expertise
Assistance with lost or stolen passports and advice about the quickest route to replacing vital documents.
How does ConsularAssist help?

  • Liaise on your behalf with diplomatic personnel and local authorities
  • Assist with lost passports and other important documents
  • Contact, advise and support family, friends and/or employers so they have the right information and options in any travel crisis
  • Provide legal referral and arrange legal appointments
  • Organise translation and interpreter referrals
  • Deliver specialist help and advice in missing person, kidnapping and abduction cases
  • Advise on rights and access to independent lawyers if detained or imprisoned abroad
  • Help and support victims of crime and assault and assist next of kin in the event of death.

Why should you Partner with Consularcare?
The risks associated with travel abroad are increasing

With recent events and the uncertainties political changes will undoubtedly make to the world, the risks associated with travel abroad are increasing. Whilst there are particularly dangerous places identified, nowhere can be deemed totally safe, and yet governments around the globe are reducing the resources available to provide consular assistance to their citizens.

In the UK, austerity measures within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have led to a reduction in services directly available to the public. British nationals are now at higher risk of not being supported abroad should they need immediate emergency help.

Many people wrongly assume the government or their insurance company will help in a travel emergency but often they can’t or won’t. The FCO is under no obligation to provide consular assistance. As stated in their 2014 publication, Support for British nationals abroad: a guide, “There is no legal right to consular assistance. All assistance is provided at our discretion.” According to FCO figures, they received 387,459 enquiries between 2014-15 and provided personal assistance to just 17,058.

Even if you disregard the enquiries that would never warrant personal assistance, that still leaves an alarmingly high number of people feeling isolated and frightened as they face a crisis alone.

Consular assistance can be needed for something as simple as a lost passport, but there are many more serious scenarios happening every day, such as immigration arrests, victims of crime or acts of terrorism or deaths abroad. It is a testament to the times we live in, that ensuring we have access to dedicated consular assistance is now as much of a travel necessity as it is buying cover for medical expenses. Until now, there has been no provision to purchase cover for such eventualities and UK travellers were reliant on the FCO or seeking private assistance at the time of an incident, at significant expense.

By collaborating with Consularcare, you can enhance your product portfolio and maximise ROI for your customers. Whether it is as an addition to the assistance you already provide, or evidence of increased value for money for your clients, we provide our affiliates with an inclusive yet scalable solution that addresses the issues faced by travellers in today’s world.

Contact us for more information on the benefits of adding ConsularAssist to your portfolio.

Case Studies
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