Why would I pay for the service my Government should provide?

Firstly, the Government has never been legally obliged to provide consular assistance. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has always provided the highest level of service its resources have allowed. For many reasons, those resources have been reduced or rationalised, rendering the FCO unable to assist in all but dire circumstances.

Doesn’t my insurance cover that?

ConsularAssist is available as an ancillary provision with some travel insurance policies, but if your provider is not partnered with Consularcare then the answer to this is a resounding ‘no’. Inherently, travel insurance only reimburses you for any financial losses if an insured event occurs.

Can’t I just Google the answers?

No one is disputing that the internet is an excellent source of information and we have seen a number of positive examples of social media being used to benefit victims of recent terrorist attacks, but information found on the internet is not always accurate, not always up-to-date and not always reliable. Our former diplomats have access to a network of experts ‘on the ground’ and are always in receipt of the most current facts.

How do I know your advice is accurate?

We are staffed by former diplomats who have experience of working abroad and access to a network of experts located across the globe. We source real time information because we need to be up-to-date and accurately informed to provide the best service to our clients.

Why would I need ConsularAssist, I’m just going on holiday?

The world is changing and travelling abroad is becoming more dangerous. Recent events have shown us that we are potentially at risk wherever we go, even if we are just going on holiday. We can’t prevent atrocities from happening, neither can we stop you losing your passport or being arrested, but we can be there to help you pick up the pieces and we can make sure you never feel alone in a crisis.

Doesn’t my travel rep help me with that?

There is no disputing that some travel reps are very experienced and extremely knowledgeable, particularly of local matters, but their ability to assist in the event of an incident will be limited.

Why won’t the local British Embassy help me if I am in trouble abroad?

The Embassy staff will assist you as much as their resources will allow, but those resources are diminishing. There is an expectation that people will take responsibility for themselves and their safety when overseas, and the FCO’s priority is to assist those most in need of their help. The nature of support will vary depending on individual circumstances and each case is individually assessed.